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Department A / March 25, 2019

Task description:
Task page should display as many different events as possible.
Responsible person:
Erwin Schrödinger
Due date:
March 29, 2019
Last action taken:
Completed / March 30, 2019
Task status


Event (old first) Date Editor Notes
Created March 25, 2019 Department A Assigned to Albert Einstein
Action taken March 27, 2019 WikiWorks Generic action (step) not leading to task completion, acceptance, suspension, re-assignment or cancellation.
Suspended March 27, 2019 WikiWorks Suspended to be resumed later.
Resumed March 27, 2019 WikiWorks Already resumed. What if somebody else would address the issue better?
Re-assigned March 27, 2019 WikiWorks Assigned to Erwin Schrödinger. Erwin is great for this kind of tasks!
Completed March 30, 2019 WikiWorks We knew that!